Weekday Dinner Plan: Jan 29 - Feb 1

Monday - January 29

Roasted Red Snapper with White Balsamic Tomatoes  

Start your week of extra clean and healthy - but delicious. This fish is to die for, and if you can't find snapper, any white fish will be great!  


Tuesday - January 30

BLT Chicken

A twist on a BLT - but low carb. This chicken is so good it could easily become a regular household staple!


Wednesday - January 31

Shrimp Puttanesca with Angel Hair

Light and healthy pasta with flavor that comes at you in every bite!


Thursday - February 1

Broiled White Chicken Chili

It's up to you how much cream and cheese you put in this broiled, delicious chili, but it's almost the weekend so do as you'd like! 


3 Must Serve Game Dips

Dips are easy, they're fun, and people love them at parties - especially Super Bowl parties. These 3 dips are literally the only dips you need at your Super Bowl party!  

 Buffalo Hot Wing Hummus 

A combo of hot wings and hummus  - this dip is healthy and you won't be able to stop eating it. 


 Cream Taco Dip

I can't say enough about this dip. Once you pop you can't stop takes on a whole new meaning. When I say this is the absolute best dip you'll ever eat in your life, I'm not lying. This dip is beyond. And it takes about 10 minutes to make!  


Truffle Dip with Duck Fat Fries  

The fries are crispy, the dip is truffly and creamy, and your guests will flip over this appetizer!