M E E T    A N D R E A 

Hey y'all! Welcome to Andrea’s Cooktales. I’m a Mississippi raised self-taught chef who calls Memphis home. My recipes are what I like to call "next-generation southern."  They're upscale yet fun using fine, fresh, and sometimes unique ingredients, always with southern flair and a story or memory that inspired them. I'm a true believer that the fondest memories are made in the kitchen, at the dinner table, and surrounded by food. Cooking is my passion, but it’s not always about the food. It’s about the company that surrounds me when food is present – the laughs shared over a good glass of wine and a nice meal, the memories made with every pot stirred and bite taken, and generations of passed down recipes and cooking tips.

This blog is about storytelling from the kitchen and the dinner table. A good meal is something you look forward to, sometimes save calories for, and can’t wait to taste. Food makes us happy because it’s just so delicious! But it’s so much more than that, isn’t it? It’s the memories we make through food - sitting at the kitchen table snapping green beans with your grandma, watching your mom make her special spaghetti sauce and hoping one day you’ll  be able to make it just the same, memories of waking up on Saturday morning to your dad’s famous pancakes, a Thursday night tradition out with girlfriends to eat pizza and drink wine, backyard spring cookouts every Sunday, sitting on a patio with the person you love - glasses of champagne and a cheese plate between you - laughing and soaking up the sun. And mostly, it’s what you look forward to every day after several long hours of work, when you get to come home to your family, sit down at the dinner table, talk about your day and unwind.

Food is in our hearts and souls – yes, because it tastes good, but food is only as good as the people we share it with. This is Cooktales, where every recipe and good meal has a story. I am grateful to share mine, and I can’t wait to hear yours.