Weekday Dinner Plan: Jan 29 - Feb 1

Monday - January 29

Roasted Red Snapper with White Balsamic Tomatoes  

Start your week of extra clean and healthy - but delicious. This fish is to die for, and if you can't find snapper, any white fish will be great!  


Tuesday - January 30

BLT Chicken

A twist on a BLT - but low carb. This chicken is so good it could easily become a regular household staple!


Wednesday - January 31

Shrimp Puttanesca with Angel Hair

Light and healthy pasta with flavor that comes at you in every bite!


Thursday - February 1

Broiled White Chicken Chili

It's up to you how much cream and cheese you put in this broiled, delicious chili, but it's almost the weekend so do as you'd like!