7 Places to Eat and Drink in Palm Springs

If y'all follow my story on Instagram, you know by the looks of last week, I'm obsessed with Palm Springs. It's honestly one of my favorite places on earth, and lucky enough, Tres and I have visited every year for nearly 10 years now. Every time I go back, it feels like home. It's small enough and so charming, it's easy to warm right up to it and feel like you live there. About two hours from LA, two hours from San Diego, and one and a half hours from Temecula Valley wine country, the day-trip possibilities are endless - not that you need the day trips though, Palm Springs is the perfect 3 day getaway all on its own! If you happen to visit LA or San Diego and want to change it up a bit, try a day trip here. It's pretty fantastic. Oh so worth it! I've eaten nearly everywhere in Palm Springs and you can see my full Palm Springs Guide here. But I wanted to narrow the food list down to absolute must-haves. 




Every person who has been to Palm Springs or lives there will more than likely recommended this super-happening brunch spot before they recommended anything else. And it's for good reason. Get the bacon flight to make your life right. And anything on the brunch or lunch menu is just fabulous! You may want to go here for the brunch one day and lunch another. 

 Sherman's Deli & Bakery 



For an early breakfast to get the day started, you can't go wrong with Sherman's. It's a traditional breakfast diner, and the food is absolutely to die for great! If I want a hearty, good breakfast early in the morning, this is my first stop. 

 Azucar at La Serena Villas 



Cute, adorable, and charming doesn't even do this place justice. It's simply beautiful, cozy, fun, and all the things I can think of!!! If anything, go here to just look at the beautiful decor, but honestly, the food is totally worth it too - the lunch menu is delicious and the blood orange margarita is everything. Plus, the pool view from the restaurant is just perfection.  

 Purple Palm at The Colony Palms Hotel 



Poolside lunches are where it's at in PS, and this one is one of my favorites. The pool is gorgeous, the cocktails are fabulous, and the food is worth raving about. Whatever you do, get the burger with chorizo spread. I don't even know what to say besides that's probably the best burger I've ever had. 

Workshop Kitchen + Bar



You'll walk in and not even be able to get over the decor in this place  - it's amazing and worth the dinner itself. I have said before, I think the atmosphere here is better than the food. I thought that until I had their fish special. I don't know if it'll be on the menu again, but whatever the special is, I recommend getting it. The cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and duck are also fabulous. 

4 Saints



This is a new place and it's great for either cocktails or dinner - or both. The drinks are fantastic and the food is playful, unique, and so so good. This one's a little pricy but just YUM. Whatever the fish dish is called that comes out in a smoked dome - get that (in pic above)!!! 

 Bootlegger Tiki



I don't leave Palm Springs, period, without coming here for a cocktail or two. It opens late afternoon and stays open late night and it's just superb!!! The drink list is huge but get one of the staff to help you pick - they're great. And the atmosphere is everything. It's the perfect little hideaway!